Finding the Perfect Fit: Decoding Maternity Clothing Sizes

Finding the Perfect Fit: Decoding Maternity Clothing Sizes

So you've hit the stage where you can no longer squeeze in to your regular clothes? Don't stress, we're here to help you navigate what to do and how to keep your style. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, and embracing the changes in your body with the right maternity clothes is key to feeling confident and comfortable.

One common question many expectant mothers have is, "What size maternity clothes should I buy?" Let's dive in to the world of maternity fashion and find your perfect fit!

Understanding Maternity Sizing: Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate your growing bump and new curves that come with pregnancy. Unlike regular clothing, maternity sizes are generally aligned with your pre-pregnancy size. If you were a medium before pregnancy, you'll likely be a medium in maternity wear.

Maternity stores have already thoughtfully planned and designed styles specifically to accommodate your concerns so that you don't have to shop with hesitation. These stores are for YOU! Some brands may have a maternity section, but try to stick with the stores dedicated solely to fashionable maternity clothes as these stores have more than likely spent extra time on their styles to ensure a proper fit, feel, and style. 

Trimester-Specific Considerations:

  • First Trimester: In the early stages, you may not need maternity clothes, but opting for looser styles and stretchy waistbands can provide comfort. Look up the hair-tie pants trick on Pinterest and thank us later!
  • Second Trimester: As your bump becomes more noticeable and less like a food belly, it's time to invest in maternity attire. Look for clothing with adjustable features like elastic bands or stretchy materials
  • Third Trimester: Your body continues to change, and you'll want clothes that you can just throw on as this stage of pregnancy is usually accompanied with the most discomfort. Expect to be running to the toilet for lots of pee breaks, so we recommend avoiding any styles that may take time to get in and out of. You can never go wrong with a maternity dress!

When it comes to maternity dresses, the same sizing principles apply. Choose styles that make you feel fabulous, whether it's a chic maternity sundress for summer or a stunning prenatal dress for your baby shower.

In conclusion, finding the right size in maternity clothes involves considering your pre-pregnancy size, trimester-specific changes, and prioritizing comfort. Embrace the journey by choosing styles that reflect your unique taste and celebrate the beauty of this special time.

For more insights into maternity fashion and stylish outfit ideas, explore our Maternity Collection.

Remember, every pregnancy is different, so go with what feels right for you. Happy maternity shopping!

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