Dressing for Two: When to Start Building Your Maternity Wardrobe

Dressing for Two: When to Start Building Your Maternity Wardrobe

The excitement of pregnancy often comes with the question of when to start buying maternity clothes. The journey to stylish and bump-friendly outfits begins at different times for every mom-to-be. 

Let's explore the signs that indicate it's time to transition to maternity attire, ensuring you're both trendy and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

1. Body Changes:

  • First Trimester (conception to 12wks): While many women may not need maternity clothes during the first trimester, some might start to notice changes in their body. If your regular clothes feel tight or uncomfortable, it might just be time to avoid your jeans or use the hair-tie pants hack! 

2. Bump Emergence:

  • Second Trimester ( 13 to 27 weeks): The second trimester is often considered the "sweet spot" for maternity shopping. As your baby bump starts to pop, you'll find that maternity clothes provide the extra room and support needed. Look for styles with adjustable features to accommodate your changing shape - stretchy & breathable materials are a must! We've noticed that weeks 18 to 22 tend to be the deal breaker of regular clothes to MUST GET MATERNITY OUTFITS!

3. Uncomfortable Clothing:

  • Anytime You're Uncomfortable: Trust your instincts. If your regular clothes are no longer comfortable or flattering, it's a clear sign to start incorporating maternity aittire into your wardrobe. Embrace the change and enjoy the comfort that purpose-designed maternity clothes offer.

4. Special Occasions:

  • Events and Occasions: If you have a special event or occasion approaching, consider investing in maternity dresses or outfits tailored for such moments. Feeling confident and stylish during your pregnancy contributes positively to your overall well-being and let's face it - everyone feels good when they're in a cute outfit.

In conclusion, the timing for starting your maternity wardrobe is a personal decision but expect to start considering maternity clothes mostly between weeks 18-22. Listen to your body, embrace the changes, and enjoy the process of curating your maternity outfits in a way that reflects your style and comfort.

For a curated collection of bump-friendly and stylish maternity attire, explore our Maternity Collection. Happy maternity shopping!

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